Our story.

TechPilot Labs began with a simple idea:  managing mobile devices in schools should be simple, and should allow teachers to have a level of control in the classroom while still giving the IT department the management they need.

TechPilot’s founder was seeking such a product while working as a consultant for a district that was about to implement mobile devices.  The existing market was comprised mostly of MDM systems that were designed for use by IT professionals at large enterprise organizations, filled with features that were not needed by schools, lacking a user-friendly interface, and also missing classroom management features for teachers.  These products were clearly not the right fit for schools, so the idea for TechPilot was born!

TechPilot was built based on the needs of teachers and IT staff.  Since it’s release in 2012, we have have spoken with educators and IT departments at many schools, gathering great ideas as we’ve expanded our products.  These ideas, incorporated throughout our products, make TechPilot Labs the ideal choice for schools and districts of all sizes, whether you have Apple or Chrome devices.  We look forward to continuing the tradition of listening carefully and meeting the needs of schools.

TechPilot Labs is located near Atlanta, Georgia, and provides all support services directly from our headquarters. You’ll speak with friendly, knowledgeable staff, never outsourced overseas call centers or resellers.