Our story.

In 2012, TechPilot Labs began with a unique concept: managing mobile devices in schools should be simple, teachers should have control over those devices in the classroom, and technology departments should be able to easily deploy, secure, and manage those devices.

Because founder Jarrett Volzer could not find a solution that met those needs, the spark for TechPilot Labs was ignited. Since then, the company has built its reputation on engaging both educators and technology departments in the device management process, starting with mobile device management, then adding classroom management in 2018.

In 2019, TechPilot Labs was acquired by Securly, the leader in K-12 cloud-based filtering and online safety solutions. This alliance enabled schools to finally be able to manage and improve the use of digital devices, from start to finish. All of the great products, successful customers and staff of TechPilot Labs joined the Securly family and continue to deliver on Jarrett’s vision that began in 2012.