Chromebook Classroom Management

Monitor & Control Student Chromebooks to keep students safe and on-task.
Chrome Device Management

With our classroom management tools for Chromebooks, teachers simply select a class to view thumbnails of all screens and access a variety of tools to monitor students, lock students to one or more web sites, freeze student screens to gain attention at the front of the room, remotely open sites for an entire class or remotely close unwanted tabs on student devices. Teachers can even enforce a personal website blacklist during class.


Class View Feature

Site Lock

Lock students onto specific sites; open and close sites as needed.

Class View Feature

Screen Lock

Gain class attention with a customized, "heads up" message.

Class View Feature

Open Sites

Remotely open one or more sites for your entire class.

Class View Feature

Class View

View thumbnail screens of your entire class at a glance.

Screen View Feature

Screen View

See a detailed view of individual student screens.

Tab Control Feature

Tab Control

View a list of all open tabs; remotely open and close them.

Class View Feature

Browsing History

View student browsing history for current or previous classes

Screen View Feature

Parent Portal

Provide parents with Chromebook control at home

Tab Control Feature

Custom Blacklist

Teachers block unwanted sites during class


ChromeTools by TechPilot Labs provides cloud-based Chromebook management for schools, allowing teachers to view and control Chromebooks in the classroom. ChromeTools works together with your Google Admin console and automatically syncs Google Classroom users and classes for simple, effective school Chromebook management.

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Need help locating Chromebooks?


FindMyChromebooks provides a variety of tools to allow administrators of Chromebook fleets to find and recover lost or stolen devices. It synchronizes directly with your Google Admin console, and can locate the devices inside or outside of your facility.  Click below to learn more about FindMyChromebooks.


  • Locate

    Find lost devices on a map and view IP address changes

  • Lock

    Lock the screen of lost devices with your custom lost message and return instructions.

  • Message

    Allow user of lost device to send message to administrator.