Simple and intuitive navigation, with user-friendly features for managing your iOS devices.

Unlike many other MDMs, you don't need to take multiple classes and get certifications to use SchoolMDM. We give you access to multiple training methods, and have created easy-to-use features to make implementing SchoolMDM simple and efficient.


Easy Enrollment

Register from a simple web page or use Apple’s Device Enrollment Program to enjoy automatic device registration.

Find Lost Devices

Lock the screen of a missing device with a custom “lost” message, then locate the device on a map.

Enable Educational Testing

Quickly enable key restrictions when using iPads in a testing environment such as spell check, auto correct, and more.

Superior App Management

Manage iOS Apps

SchoolMDM supports multiple VPP accounts for maximum flexibility, including support for legacy VPP as well as Apple School Manager location tokens. Old apps can be set as ‘archived’ to keep them from cluttering your list and favorites can be moved to the top.

Distribute iOS Apps

Apps are distributed by simply assigning to a group of devices, a class pulled in from your ASM roster, or to just a single device. Our status screen makes it easy to spot devices that might be missing an assigned app.  SchoolMDM will detect when apps need to be upgraded and provide an option to push out the update to a group or all devices as once.

App Inventory

Take inventory of all your apps and see where they are installed. Remotely uninstall apps from any device.

Bulk Erase

When iPads are returned at the end of the year, you can bulk erase locks and functions to speed up the cleansing process.

Blacklist Apps

Add apps to the school blacklist to prevent them from running on any iPad. Apply the blacklist to specific groups for easy organization.

Schedule Profiles

Activate profiles on a schedule for any device group and on any schedule – before school, after school, testing week, holiday, etc.

Set Restrictions

At Techpilot we eliminate the “corporate” settings such as data plan restrictions, and provide a concise, easy to use list of restrictions that apply to schools.

We support the latest restrictions available in iOS 9.3 such as disabling Apple Music and  Apple Music Radio.

Fine-Tune Permissions

Control which roles have access to which functions in Techpilot. Disable features not in use by your school or not needed by teachers to keep their menu simple and clean, showing only necessary functions.

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