Simple, light-weight MDM control for managing macOS in your district.

SchoolMDM provides a key set of MDM commands and functions for managing Macbooks, including setting restrictions,
managing app distribution, and more.

Fast Setup

Register from a web page or use Apple’s Device Enrollment Program for automatic device registration. With DEP set up ahead of time, your Macs automatically enroll on activation.

Device Inventory

Grab key information on any device, including a list of all installed apps. We make it easy to view device info or view/export a table of all devices for complete inventory.

Manage Networks

Push different network settings to device groups in your organization. Network settings include one or more WiFi credentials, certificate pushes, proxy settings and more.

App Distribution

Distribute both VPP and packaged apps through SchoolMDM. Assign apps to groups and/or classes you’ve created for automatic, silent, and painless installation.

Get Control Over Device Access

Control Drive Access

IT Admins can control access to internal and external drives by granting different levels of clearance to different groups. Each clearance group can be set to full access, access with authorization, or read only access for specific drive functions.

Restriction Profiles

We offer an incredible level of control over features that are available for use on Mac devices. Restriction profiles can be assigned to different groups of devices within your organization. Control basic features through each profile, as well as functions of iCloud, Game Center, and the App Store.

System Preferences

School MDM has over 30 preference panes that can be enabled or disabled for use on each Mac device. You can set preferences for one device, a group of devices, or your entire fleet of Macs.

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