Find Lost and Missing Chromebooks

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January 16, 2018 (Atlanta, GA) — Releasing today, FindMyChromebooks helps school IT administrators locate and recover lost and stolen Chromebooks. This affordable service is $1 per device per year with a $200 annual minimum. FindMyChromebooks account setup is instant by linking to the school Google Admin console. While searching for missing devices, administrators can either lock or allow continued use on the lost device. FindMyChromebooks also allows users to easily communicate to administrators when they find devices. FindMyChromebooks makes the device recovery process quick and simple. Schools with the FindMyChromebooks service will find the price of the service more than pays for itself in savings to the school budget for replacing devices.

When linked to the Google Admin console, FindMyChromebooks automatically imports the inventory of all Chromebooks and sets up users. To search, administrators place the device into “Lost Mode” with options including the ability to display a custom lost message with return instructions. Administrators can choose to lock the missing device to the Lost Mode screen, or enable an option to allow the user to
continue using the device after acknowledging a custom message. Allowing users to continue using a device is a helpful option when the missing device is actually being used in the classroom.

FindMyChromebooks can gather device location as well as captured screen images after displaying a privacy message to the user. Administrators can then locate the device on a map or view captured screen images or IP Addresses. Another option enables a “contact administrator” button on the Lost Mode screen for the user to notify administrators that the device has been located.

FindMyChromebooks is priced at one dollar per device per year, making it affordable for any school or district. A free trial is available and can be accessed immediately after the automated sign-up process. FindMyChromebooks is provided by TabPilot, an industry leader in mobile device management for schools. More information is available at