TabPilot Learning Systems Changes Its Name to TechPilot Labs

June 1, 2018 (Atlanta, GA) — TabPilot Learning Systems has changed its company name to TechPilot Labs. The company’s cloud-based MDM for Apple platforms takes on a new name, SchoolMDM. The company also launches ChromeTools as a companion to the Google Admin console providing teachers with classroom tools to view and control Chromebooks.

TabPilot was founded in 2012 during a time of great excitement around the use of tablets in K-12 education with an initial product offering specifically for tablets. In more recent years, the company has expanded its offerings to become a premier provider in the education space for managing a variety of devices other than tablets, such as Macbooks and Chromebooks. The company introduces a minor name change from TabPilot to TechPilot to reflect the more broad focus of the company while still keeping a familiar name and look. The company remains under the same ownership.

TechPilot Labs provides solutions for managing iPads, Macbooks, Apple TVs, and Chromebooks. TechPilot’s solutions are used in schools across the U.S. and worldwide. A free trial of all solutions is available. Additional information can be found on the new company website at