The intuitive, cloud-based MDM designed specifically for schools.
We bring simplified mobile device management to Apple deployments.


SchoolMDM is the top MDM designed specifically and exclusively for schools. 

Everything we do is designed to make life easier and save time for the IT department, while providing tools to allow teachers to effectively use mobile devices in the classroom. 

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App Request and Approval Workflows

With SchoolMDM your teachers can submit app requests that follow your custom workflow for evaluation and approval.  You define the stages and responsible people in the process and everyone gets notified along the way.

We help IT Admins manage Apple Devices...

Schools have unique processes and needs, such as the ability to reset devices in bulk between school years or the need for management at the classroom level. SchoolMDM meets those needs AND gives you the ability to empower your teachers to take control of the classroom with tools designed specifically for their needs.

SchoolMDM provides a light-weight MDM for Mac that requires no local client. Enroll through DEP and configure a wide array of settings, restrictions, and more. Distribute both VPP apps and packaged (non-App Store) apps. Push out network profiles and more.

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We know that school IT departments are often stretched thin. SchoolMDM provides the most intuitive tools to easily manage iPads in schools with no need for extensive training and certifications. You'll jump right in and know the system by the time your trial is over.

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MDM capabilities for the Apple TV are fully supported by SchoolMDM. Zero-touch DEP enrollment begins by plugging in power and network cables. Devices are configured, restricted, renamed, rebooted, or placed in Conference Mode through our cloud-based console.

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We know Apple.

SchoolMDM supports all the latest Apple technologies and MDM offerings for iOS, macOS, and tvOS.  We integrate directly with Apple School Manager (ASM) and support multiple DEP and VPP accounts per district. 

Our customizable dashboard makes it easy to organize your district in a way that works for you, instead of your district having to conform to a way that works for us.

...and help IT Admins help their teachers.


Teachers take control of the classroom either through the Teacher Tools app for iPad or from their desktop through our web-based interface.

At TechPilot, we know that schools need device management not just at the IT level, but also in the classroom. It's easy to use by those who are closest to the devices and students...the teachers.  SchoolMDM empowers the teachers to take control of the classroom with tools designed specifically for their needs. Teachers can push content, restrict browsing, lock devices to a single app, freeze student screens, and MORE, all from their desktop or iPads. 

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"Since we started using [TechPilot] our teachers have actually
been using the iPads more effectively!
...Teachers are starting to recognize what they can do, and this has
allowed us to justify purchasing more iPads."

Sayard B. Hinsdale Township HS

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