Empower your teachers to effectively take control of Apple devices in their classrooms, to remove distractions, and keep students on-task.

Teacher Tools for SchoolMDM allows you to give your teachers classroom-level control so that devices are used as a tool in the learning process and not a distraction.  With the ability to freeze student screens, lock to an app or web site, or even clear a forgotten passcode, they can focus on teaching. With Teacher Tools, IT and educators can work together to manage the classroom.

Simple, Intuitive Navigation

Teachers won’t need much training to use TechPilot Control Tower thanks to the easy-to-use interface. The administrator can hide all unwanted functions to keep the teacher menus neat and clean.

Site Lock & App Lock

Launch an app or a certain website on all student devices and lock students in. Web Lock for iOS lets you set Safari to remain on one or more sites, and disable other activity on the device.

Freeze Student Screens

Teachers can select one or more devices from the classroom list and freeze the screen with a custom message. Release students or entire class when ready.


Design Home Screen Layouts

Do you have teachers that teach multiple curriculum? Teachers can design their own home screen layouts to be applied to student devices in their different classes. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it super easy to place icons on a screen or in the dock. 

Students will see only the items added to their screen layout and all other apps will be prevented from running. Teachers can also select a different wallpaper for each layout to better organize their different classes.

Distribute Content

Teachers can distribute content to students for use on their devices. TechPilot Locker app allows students to view files or send them to other apps.

Control iPads by Class

At one glance, teachers can view all student iPads by each class. From this screen you can manipulate each device or all devices in the class, as needed.

Apple School Manager Classes

Automatically sync Apple School Manager classes or create custom classes for use in TechPilot Teacher Tools and Apple Classroom app.

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